The Tees Specialist Sewing Studio - Encircled

The Tees Specialist Sewing Studio

The Tee Specialist Studio specializes in sewing all types of tops, especially our beautiful basics, like our Nomadic V-Neck.


What’s Made Here
The Nomadic V-Neck
The Wanderer Sleeveless Tee

Toronto, Canada 


About The Tees Specialists Sewing Studio
Owned by Jimmy, a long time apparel industry executive, The Tees Sewing Studio specializes in something super-Canadian - Hockey Jersey Manufacturing. They are also experts in sewing stretch knits and passionate about every detail of production. Their spacious sewing facility is located just north-east of Toronto, and is perfect for our high volume items such as our t-shirts.

Why We Love Working with Them
We love working with The Tee Specialist Sewing Studio because they have a high attention to detail, and the facilities to match. This sewing studio uses the latest machines, and has a well-established production process, including over 100ft of cutting tables to make sure our fabric is cut perfectly to pattern.