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Mastering the Art of Layering: Your Guide to a Winter-Ready Capsule Wardrobe

Mastering the Art of Layering: Your Guide to a Winter-Ready Capsule Wardrobe

Your guide to Transition your Capsule Wardrobe from Fall to Winter

As the golden hues of fall foliage give way to the crisp, cool air of winter, our wardrobes call for a transformation. The key to mastering this seasonal shift lies in the art of layering - a skill that marries functionality with fashion, sustainability with style. 

Embracing the art of layering isn't just a fashion statement—it's a commitment to sustainable living. By refining your wardrobe to include multifunctional pieces that can transition from autumn chills to winter frosts, you're minimizing the need for seasonal clothing. This practice not only curbs the cycle of fast fashion but also reduces your carbon footprint.

Investing in quality over quantity not only elevates your style but also protects our planet—each versatile piece is designed to last, promoting a minimalist wardrobe that defies the throwaway culture of today's fashion industry. As you layer up this winter, take pride in knowing that your chic, comfortable ensemble is also a testament to responsible consumerism.

The Basics of Winter Layering

Layering for winter is not just about staying warm - it's about crafting outfits that move with you through varying indoor and outdoor climates, all while showcasing your personal style. Nothing is worse than sweating under your jacket outside, then freezing in the office.

The key is to start with light, versatile pieces and build up to your heaviest items, ensuring each layer is breathable and comfortable. 

Layering for winter is an art form that beautifully caters to every body type, ensuring everyone can embrace the cold with confidence and comfort. For our pear-shaped friends, balancing your silhouette can be achieved by layering a wider neck Encircled top like the Effortless Boatneck in a bright colour with a darker bottom like our Tailored Ponte Trousers, drawing attention upward. 

Apple shapes may opt for longer, flowing layers like the Comfy Dress Shirt, which create a lean line and pair well with a structured piece like the Oversized Ponte Blazer. 

If you're hourglass, highlight your curves with a belt over our Unblazer to accentuate your waist. And for those with an athletic build, adding volume with a cozy Luxe ShapeKnit Coatigan can create an illusion of curves. Remember, the goal of layering is to feel as good as you look, using strategic pieces to celebrate your body's unique contours.


Transitioning with Key Pieces

Begin with a foundational piece like the Effortless Crewneck T-Shirt, a staple that shifts from a standalone in fall to a base layer in winter. Pair it with the Effortless Merino Turtleneck for an extra layer of warmth. Add the Heirloom Sweater-shirt Vest or the Unblazer for a boost of coziness.

Choosing the right type (and weight) of Fabric

As temperatures drop, introduce textures and fabrics that temperature regulate, not constrict. Try to avoid pure synthetics like Nylon and Polyester as they tend to not have great temperature retention and lack breathability. Opt for more natural fibres like Merino Wool, Cotton, Bamboo, TENCEL or Modal.

The Layering Technique

To layer effectively, it’s not about wearing 3 tank tops of the same weight. You need to vary the weight of your layers. Start with a lighter base layer, add a slightly thicker layer of clothing on top, and finish with your heaviest item. That way, throughout the day if you’re feeling a little overheated you can easily remove a layer.

This applies to bottoms too! Want to wear your Dressy Sweatpants in the snow? Add a legging or tight underneath for maximum warmth. 

Versatile Outerwear

When stepping outside, encapsulate your layers with smart, sustainable outerwear. 

For warmer winter days, try a coatigan (a hybrid of a coat, meets a cardigan). Soft, comfortable and easy to love, Coatigans are the perfect in-between style for dressing up or athleisure style. Try our Luxe ShapeKnit Coatigan with a casual hoodie or elegant sweater underneath.

Heading into a snowstorm? Layering up in an insulated jacket makes sense! We love the Canadian-made, vegan Wuxly jackets for winter! Don’t forget to vary your layers underneath so you’re not sweating.

Accessorizing for Function and Flair

Don't forget accessories that function as both stylish accents and warmth providers. Scarves, hats, and gloves can be mixed and matched, not just for style, but also for those moments when you transition from the icy outdoors to the cozy indoors.

Embracing the Cold in Style

As you navigate through the coldest months, remember that layering is your stylish companion in the journey. It allows you to stay true to your aesthetic while embracing eco-conscious fashion by not having a separate winter wardrobe. 

With these pieces and tips, your winter wardrobe will not only carry you through the season with warmth but also with a timeless elegance that is uniquely Encircled. 

Encircled’s commitment to sustainable materials like organic cotton, bamboo, and TENCEL™ means that each layer you add is a step towards a more eco-conscious lifestyle. 

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