How to Style Your Summer Clothes for Fall

September 05, 2021 3 min read

As we transition from summer to fall, we’re saying goodbye to hot weather, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to say goodbye to your favourite summer clothing pieces. At Encircled, we believe in creating a wardrobe that can easily take you from day to night, work to weekend, and season to season. Being intentional about what you wear and purchase will not only help you build a wardrobe that you love and is easy to style, but it also reduces your environmental impact - a win, win. So, before you pack up those summer clothes and start evaluating your fall capsule wardrobe, we want to show you some simple fall transition outfits you can put together with pieces that are often reserved for summer - and shouldn’t be!


Tank Top

(@emmairenecavanagh wearing the Encircled Sleeveless Unbodysuit and Unblazer) 

Tank tops are great for those hot summer days where anything with sleeves feels too stuffy, but another major benefit of tank tops is that they can be easily layered underneath a jacket or sweater without any bulk or awkward scrunching in the arm. Perfect for wearing over light, fitted sweaters that would show exactly where your shirt sleeve ends, a tank top is a great layering piece to wear year-round. If you’re wearing a more fitted bottom, like leggings, a flowy tank like our Everyday Tank Top will balance out the outfit nicely. Throw on a jean jacket overtop and you’re good-to-go. Did we mention that the Everyday Tank Top has a reversible neckline, making it great for a year-round capsule wardrobe. If your bottoms are more loose and flowy, a more fitted tank top creates a beautiful silhouette. For example, our Comfy Wide Leg Pant pairs perfectly with our Sleeveless Unbodysuit, a fitted tank top that provides the illusion of a bodysuit without the discomfort. Add the Unblazer for an ultra-soft, ultra-comfy workwear look.


Sleeveless Dress

(The Encircled Sleeveless Revolve Dress, Encircled Unblazer, Poppy Barley Extra Mile Boot, Poppy Barley Convertible Belt Bag)

Similar to a tank top, your sleeveless dresses don’t need to be packed up at the end of summer, they’re still great for layering without any sleeve bulkiness. A sleeveless dress with thicker straps, like our Sleeveless Revolve Dress, is great for transitioning from summer to fall. When you put a layer over top, it won’t even look like a sleeveless dress.


Cropped Pants

 (Left to right: @hersimplesole wearing the Encircled Comfy Wide Leg Crop, @jessica.harumi wearing the Encircled Comfy Wide Leg Crop and Everyday Tank Top)

We love a good crop, flattering, chic and a great pant option for warmer weather. One of the easiest ways to transition your crops from summer to fall is by pairing them with a bootie. Cropped pants really allow your shoes to shine, so this is a great opportunity to wear a statement boot. If you’re more of a sneaker or loafer type of person, wearing something a little heavier on top like a knit sweater or moto jacket will help make your outfit feel more seasonally relevant and keep you warm as the weather cools down.


T-Shirt Dress

(@coffeeonsunday_ wearing the Encircled Everyday T-Shirt Dress) 

A T-shirt dress is a summer capsule wardrobe staple for many of us. With their flattering cut, endless styling options and comfy feel, you can’t go wrong. When looking for a t-shirt dress that can easily transition between seasons, length is important, as a mini style will read more summery. Our Everyday T-Shirt Dress hits around the knee, making it great for wearing season-to-season, as well as office-friendly. We’re such big proponents of the t-shirt dress as a perfect summer-to-fall transition style, that we have a whole blog post dedicated to showing you how to style a t-shirt dress from day to night through summer and fall.



(The Encircled Comfy Paperbag Shorts, Evolve Top, Unblazer, Poppy Barley Convertible Belt Bag, Poppy Barley Uptown Heeled Chelsea Boot)

Last, but not least is shorts. They’re often one of the most summery styles in a wardrobe, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing them as summer ends. In early fall, the weather can still be quite warm in some places, so pairing them with a sweater makes a great fall outfit for hot weather. One way to look at shorts for fall, especially if they’re a dressier style like our Comfy Paperbag Shorts, is to style them how you would a skirt of similar length. Try wearing tights underneath your shorts and pair them with boots and a blazer for a chic fall look.


We hope these summer to fall outfits will provide you with some inspiration to look through your summer wardrobe and style some of it for the coming months. Let us know in the comments which “summer styles” you like to wear in the fall!



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