Building a Healthy Relationship with Food with Kiki Athanas

October 03, 2020 1 min read


Adulting is hard. So we’ve created a webinar series called The ABC’s of Adulting where we interview industry experts on all things adults are expected to just know. From personal finances, to healthy eating, to organizing your closet, we’ve got you covered!


Building a Healthy Relationship with Food with Kiki Athanas


Kiki Athanas, has almost a decade of experience in the nutrition and alternative health industry - she's the founder of AdaptDaily herbal gummies, the Chief Content Officer at Meal Garden and the In-House Wellness Expert at Calii Love. Today, she coaches women who are struggling with eating issues as The Ex-Perfectionist.


Her Mind-Body-Beauty program helps people overcome their head-chatter around health, and instead step back inside of their bodies for the answers & actions to achieve balance, happiness and freedom - physically, emotionally and spiritually. 


In this instalment of The ABC’s of Adulting, Kiki will teach you all about intuitive eating and share some tips on how to build a healthy relationship with food.




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