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Countdown to Paradise [Pre-trip prep]: Start the packing prep

Countdown to Paradise [Pre-trip prep]: Start the packing prep

Travel Essentials. Encircled creates versatile minimalist clothes with the everyday traveler in mind. Each piece is Made in Canada, out of sustainable, and eco friendly materials.

Some people are SUPER eager and get going on this sooner... but alas, do not panic. 5 days prior to your trip is an excellent time to start to prep for packing.

Starting the packing prep

So, full disclaimed. I am not a packing pro by any means but I do travel a lot. If I'm going on a longer trip, I often do the following just to feel more setup (as opposed to freaking out the night before!).

First, find a suitcase.

Yup. Dig through that storage space, borrow from friends or buy yourself a brand-spanking new bag. Get something versatile, durable and functional. Do not go cheap on luggage. Seriously. The last thing you want is your bag exploding on the conveyer belt. The size of suitcase depends on length of trip. Anything under 7 days, I try to do carry-on only (though in winter this is more challenging). Over 7 days, you may want a rolling backpack or a slightly larger than carry-on. Do not go jumbo unless absolutely necessary. Just think of carrying that up stairs. Ugh!

Second, place said suitcase in a room in your house/condo. 

Pick a less-used room, and open 'er up. Start tossing into the suitcase whatever comes to mind as things you might need - toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, shorts, bikini.... anything you don't have - take some post-its and write it down and post it on the lid of the suitcase so you don't forget. You can use our free packing list as a guide  or create your own. A great resource for customized packing lists for women is Her Packing List. Don't worry about editing at this point in time - we just want to get what we think we need in there as a starting point. If there are items though that you're not sure if they fit (this happens to me alllll the time), try 'em on before throwing them into the bag.

Third, make a list of things you don't have. 

Don't have an international power converter? Bug spray? Make a detailed lists of things that you are consistently missing. Ask yourself, can you buy that at your destination or do you have to bring it? If bring it is the answer, plan a trip to your local store to pick-up the essentials pre-trip.

Continue this process for a few days. Dig out those summer clothes!

What do you do to get ready for a trip? Share it in the comments!

Until tomorrow, when we tackle 4 days to Paradise.... TEST PACK!

With wanderlust,

Chief Fashionpreneur, encircled

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