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What's in YOUR beach bag? Our 8 Essentials...

June 28, 2013 0 Comments

It's summertime! And the first long weekend (for Canadians) kicks off at 5pm today (and earlier for the lucky ones...!).

We know more than a few of you will be hitting a beach this weekend, so we curated our 8 Beach Bag Essentials!

Everything is either sustainably sourced and/or ethically made with organic, paraben-free ingredients. Enjoy!

Nothing is better than a good summer read, and we're pro sun protection (hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, lipbalm), and hydration when at the beach. Since, I'm addicted to my iPhone, this protective, waterproof cover will keep it drive and sand-free.

So tell us, What are your 8 Beach Bag Essentials?

Leave us a comment or post them to us on our Facebook page.

Our 8 Beach Bag Essentials


Straw beach tote
92 CAD - voguette.com

Brimmed hat
105 CAD - shopterrain.com

Glass case
115 CAD - swell.com

PROOF Provo Wood Sunglasses
110 CAD - tillys.com

Face care
42 CAD - thehut.com

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