From Cold Weather to Warm Sunshine Airplane Outfit for Women -

From Cold Weather to Warm Sunshine Airplane Outfit for Women

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From Cold to Warm Airplane Outfit

Ultimate Women's Airplane Outfit for Tropical Travels!

Are you going from Below Zero to Plus 30oC temperatures on a trip?

I'm from Canada, and this time of year is ideal for us and my other Northern Hemisphere friends to escape south.

As in Toronto right now, we're battling -15oC temperatures, and a couple of inches of snowy slush, this can present a slight challenge for determining what to wear to the airport, and consequently on the airplane without overpacking.

I'm not going to lie, I've worn flip flops to the airport when it was -10oC and snowing BUT I was a quick dash from my condo to an airplane limo (but regretted it when I had to step OUT of the car at the airport....brrrr).

However, if you want to be a bit smarter in your travels, I've prepared a great option for women to wear when traveling to the tropics.

The Transformational Airplane Outfit


I like to travel from cold to warm climates wearing cropped technical leggings. Here's why. I'm more likely to wear crops in a warm climate, and they double as exercise pants. Lululemon Run Inspire crops are my fav, or you can check out our Flipside Legging for a less technical, but equally comfortable versatile travel legging.


A good pair of high, cozy socks are my travel secret. Not only are these amazing for 'bridging the gap' of your cropped leggings and shoes, but they also make good plane socks. So you can remove your shoes, and keep your toes nice and warm.

Lightweight Runners

A comfortable pair of lightweight runners are an excellent choice for airplane footwear. Athletic shoes have come a long way, and are way more stylish than days of yore. 

I wear mine on the plane, then use them for runs/workouts, and for hiking, and exploring cities/towns. The pair shown are Nike Free

The Chrysalis Cardi (Or a Scarf/Wrap)

Having a multifunctional scarf/wrap is key for traveling for light. Not to brag, but our Chrysalis Cardi was MADE for this role. Shown in Heathered Grey, it keeps you bundled up en route to the airplane as a scarf, then you can wrap it or wear it as a cardigan on the plane for another layer, and then transform it using hidden snaps into a dress in the tropics. 

The Evolve Top (Or a t-shirt + a tank)

As I mentioned earlier, layering is important to keeping warm but not bringing too much 'cold' weather clothing to your hot destination. Before I invented the Evolve top, I would wear a t-shirt and pack a tank to change into prior to departing the plane.

Now, I just bring my Evolve Top (shown in our new Charcoal), and using the hidden snaps on the sleeve turn it into a sleeveless tank top once I've arrived. You can even do it in your seat... I.e. no more changing in airline bathrooms. Hooray for that!


If you're going somewhere tropical, you're going to need your shades! I keep my sunglasses ready in my top pocket of my bag, so I can don them as soon as I strut off the plane. 

My pick are the classic Ray Ban Wayfarers which are flattering on many face shapes, and easy to dress up or down.

Leather Flip Flops

Nothing is more amazing than parting with your socks + travel shoes, and donning a pair of flip flops once you've arrived at your destination. Ahhhhh. Sweet relief!

My favourites are Tkees but these are an investment. Alternatively, I've also owned several pairs of Gap leather flip flops which are decent but the quality isn't as high as the Tkees in my opinion. 

A light-weight Rain jacket

Depending on where in the tropics you are traveling to, it may make sense to pack a lightweight rain jacket. This one is from North Face and is easy to roll, pack and stow. It's also waterproof, and made from eco-conscious materials.

If you're going somewhere warm where it NEVER rains, I recommend wearing a couple of layers instead. Add a thin long-sleeve top, and a lightweight athletic sweatshirt.

A sturdy day-pack

I know. It's much cuter to bring a striped tote on the plane.... BUT if you're going carry-on only, it's definitely more practical to use your personal item as a small daypack. This one is from Lowe Alpine, and is about 20L. You can easily roll up your flexible tote and stuff it into the bag if needed. 

Just a reminder to be sure to check with your airline on carry-on regs, as they tend to vary.

Hope this airline outfit has inspired you to re-think your cold weather to warm weather airplane outfit.

You no longer have to bring your puffy jacket to the airport. Yay! 

What's your go-to cold to warm travel outfit? Comment below!

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