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5 Tips for Peaceful Travels {Amelia Harvey}

5 Tips for Peaceful Travels

Travel Essentials. Encircled creates versatile minimalist clothes with the everyday traveler in mind. Each piece is Made in Canada, out of sustainable, and eco friendly materials.

{This is a special guest post from yogini, holistic health coach and globetrotter, Amelia Harvey of Amelia Harvey Health}

When we travel, things can get a little hectic.

Our healthy eating and regular exercise habits go out the window, a solids night sleep can be hard to come by and we’re without the comfort and support of friends, family and a place to call home.

But diving into the spontaneity of adventure and travel doesn’t have to mean giving up peace and connection to ourselves - in fact, it can be perfect time to bring more peace into our lives (really!).

Here are my 5 tips for peaceful travels:

1. Be intentional – setting an intention or a core desired feeling for a trip is incredibly powerful. Come up with your intention before you leave and, as often as you can, come back it – especially in stressed out moments. Intentions like adventure, openness, freedom, and presence bring peace when our flight is cancelled or we’re feeling overwhelmed by a busy place or a different language.

2. Meditate – for me, travelling is often a time I meditate more than I would at home. Without a to-do list waiting for me in the mornings it’s easy have a bit of ‘me time’ (even just 15 minutes) to find some stillness before my travel buddies wake up. On the road we can find some seriously amazing spots to meditate too, so if you’re not already meditating, why not start on your trip! After meditating, I’ve opened my eyes to the northern fjords of Iceland, an idyllic private villa in Bali, the rolling hills of the French countryside and the magical islands of Ha Long Bay in Vietnam. Those blissful moments are so full of wonder and gratitude that they make even a short road trip super special. We can also take advantage of long sitting spells on planes and trains and pop on an eye mask and listen to a guided meditation for some sneaky zen time.

3. Prioritize feeling good – sometimes we can get caught up with ticking boxes when we travel and seeing certain sights, museums, and other tourist attractions of every place. It didn’t take me long to realize that long lines and souvenirs just don’t do it for me when I’m off adventuring. Now, when I plan a trip, I ask my intuition – ‘will I feel good if I do that/go there?’ If yes – off I go! If no, it’s off the list. Simple! If we’re constantly checking in whether we feel good, we stay flexible and open to spontaneity (two key ingredients of awesome travels).

4. Create a little self-care kit – for me, this includes my journal, some angel cards, a selection of essential oils (I love lavender and peppermint), and my favorite organic herbal tea. These things take up hardly any room in my luggage and they all provide me with a beautiful way to let go of stress and stay present as I travel. What makes you feel calm and centered? Make a little kit of your own for your next trip – it’s amazing the difference a little self-care makes.

5. Let go – before we set foot into new places or situations, we usually have some expectations (conscious or not) of how the experience will play out. As often happens in life, things turn out differently than we had expected or hoped. When we travel, it’s especially important to bring awareness to our expectations or attachment to certain outcomes, so that we can let it all go. When we feel stress, anxiety, or frustration bubbling up, we can ask ourselves; ‘What outcome am I attaching to? And does it really matter if things don’t happen that way?’. The answer will almost always be ‘No’. So take a deep breathe and let go of that unnecessary attachment and get back to exploring.

Whether we’re on an action packed snow trip, backpacking from town to town, on a soulful yoga retreat, or living it up at a resort, we can travel and holiday with peace.

Try focusing on cultivating peace on your next trip and see how much more joy and wonder you experience as a result.

Happy travels!

Xx Amelia

About Amelia Harvey

Travel Essentials. Encircled creates versatile minimalist clothes with the everyday traveler in mind. Each piece is Made in Canada, out of sustainable, and eco friendly materials.Amelia is a soul centred Holistic Health and Life Coach, writer, yogini, and creator of The Soul Sister Sessions. With overflowing passion, intuitive insights, and a whole lotta love she guides inspired young women to make simple, beautiful, and life-altering changes through her one-on-one coaching, group coaching programs , workshops, and soon, online programs.

Her mission is to empower young women to be their most gorgeous and radiant true selves on every level– body, mind, and spirit. She believes that a healthy and happy life is all about staying present, trusting your intuition, and finding your sweet spot so you can do it all with ease.

Get to know Amelia on her blog, or on InstagramFacebookTwitter and Pinterest.

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