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Ultimate Winter Packing List. 7 Days.

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7 Days of Winter Packing List

Ultimate Women's Winter Packing List

So, I don't LOVE traveling in the winter to cold destinations.

This may be because I am from Canada, and about half the year is spent wearing snow boots!

However, traveling in the winter is a great way to cross stuff off your travel bucket list. Firstly, your traditional tourist-y destinations are way less busy. No more battling the crowds at Versailles, or waiting in museum line-ups. 

Second, this means that hotels, and flights are generally more affordable. Score!

Third, you can test out your cold-weather wardrobe. Yes!

I've put together a suggested 7 days of winter packing list for your travels.

You could probably pare this down slightly but I wanted to maximize the versatility -- you're all set to hike, to go to a gala, catch an outdoor concert, or just chill inside with a cup of cocoa at a local cafe.

Cold Weather Coat + Accessories

Light Weight Scarf // Heavier Weight Scarf // Sunglasses // Gloves // Hat // Puffer Coat

Tops + Accessories

Statement Necklace // Double bar Gold Necklace // Snowflake Pendant // Sleeveless Tunic // Beige + Black V-Neck // Sparkly Dressy Top

Blazers + more



Luggage + Shoes + Socks

Hiking Boot // Nude Heel // Weatherpoof Riding boot // Wool + Cashmere Stocks // Tumi Carry-On


The key to winter packing is to wear all the heavy stuff on the plane. The boot options are both waterproof and super comfortable. The jacket is packable and lightweight. The tops, and bottoms are easy to dress up or down.

Enjoy + Warm travels,

With wanderlust,

Chief Fashionpreneur, encircled

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