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13 Tips for How to Have a Relaxing Staycation at Home + Giveaway

July 29, 2019 4 min read

The “Staycation” (recognized as an official word) is great for so many reasons. There are obvious cost saving benefits to staying local instead of traveling abroad with flights and hotels. Say goodbye to the added stress of traveling, and use the time to actually unwind and refresh. Staycations will also give you a chance to refamiliarize yourself with your own environment, and find comfort in where you live! 

We’ve created a list of 13 tips to have the most relaxing staycation at home. Plus, stick around until the end of this post to find out how you can win a staycation prize pack courtesy of Encircled and Living Libations. 


Out of Office

If you’re replacing a true vacation with this staycation, you should set up anout of office reply as you would if you were going to the beach. Take a break from your inbox and unplug. 


Look forward to it. 

One of the best parts about going on vacation is the anticipation in the week leading up to leaving. So, mark your staycation on your calendar, and make a point oflooking forward to it as you would any other vacation. This will also help you in considering it a *true* break from work. 


Clean your house (or get someone to do it for you)

Cleaning your house doesn’t sound like much of a staycation, but it can be hard to relax if you are constantly being reminded that you *could* be cleaning right now. If you’re in a position to do so, hire a one off cleaning service to give your space the hotel treatment. 



Open the blinds! 

Get as much natural light into your space as possible! There are loads of benefits to having natural light in your space, including a good night’s sleep, and a better overall mood. 



Turn off your alarms 

Another way to make sure that you’re treating this like a proper break from the real world, turn off your alarms. Don’t wear your watch. Let time pass by without constantly checking in on it.


Plan your comfy outfits

If one of the things you look forward to for travel is packing and outfit preparing, plan yourself some comfy outfits that you’ll wear for your staycation. 

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Set yourself up for a good night’s sleep 

It’s no secretthat essential oils have lots of incredible effects on our well being. Diffusing a sleep serum into your bedroom will promote a good night’s sleep -- something we are always searching for in a vacation. Using this staycation to relax and come out more well rested than before. 

We recommend thisSweet Sleep Serum +diffuser fromLiving Libations to transport you to dreamland. Stay tuned until the end of this post to find out how you can win these items! 



Sometimes one of the greatest pleasures of going on vacation is the forced lack of internet connection. Use your staycation as an opportunity to unplug completely from social media, your email, the news, etc. 


Try something new

Travel usually leads to new experiences, which is something you don’t have to sacrifice even when having a staycation. Maybe there’s a restaurant in your neighbourhood that you have always been meaning to check out. Or, maybe you always take your dog for a walk in the same park, and you could check out another one instead. Treating your staycation as the opportunity to try small new things will give you the feeling of being away, and you also may find a new experience to add to your everyday routine. 


Don’t pass up the chance to pamper yourself

Depending on the vacation, we’ll get our nails done, exfoliate extra, get a facial, or other pampering rituals. If this is something you’d miss out on by not going away, don’t! Get yourself a new nail polish, face mask, and skincare from the drug store, and treat yourself to a DIY spa day. 



We all unwind in different ways, and you should allow yourself the chance to do it your way during your staycation. Give yourself a chance to let your mind wander while doing a task you love, whether that be hiking, listening to a great playlist, reading a book you’ve been meaning to, or binge watching a new TV show/movie. 


Meal prep

Take the thinking out of your cooking for the length of your staycation, and decide what you’re going to eat as part of your getting ready process for the staycation. If a beach destination is what you’re missing, try cooking outside and trying a new recipe. If cooking doesn’t sound like your idea of a break, decide which new restaurants -- or takeout -- you want to try! 

Yummy water

Staying hydrated will ensure that you feel refreshed and rejuvenated after your staycation. Switch it up and make yourself fruit infused water for the perfect way to stay hydrated. 


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