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"Green Living Show 2013 Encircled" by Clothes Line Finds

April 20, 2013

A New Look discovered! Chrysalis Cardi in the LBD fashion show

I was lucky to have the honour of attending the Green Living show Toronto 2013 with fashion blogger, Anthea from Clothes Line Finds! Anthea sat with me during the fashion show as we indulged in a little eco-friendly fashion and a hopefully eco-conscious martini.

Little Black Dress fashion show encircled chrysalis cardi as a dress new look

She was kinda enough to take some professional shots of our Chrysalis Cardi during the Eco-friendly Little Black Dress fashion show. She even let me dress her up in our Chrysalis Cardi - below is a gorgeous shot of her modelling the cardi as the "Cocoon cardi" look.

anthea clothes line finds modelling chrysalis cardi


And last but not least...she reviewed the outing on her blog. Amazing. Anthea rocks our world.

Read the full article {...here}



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